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Bond Advocates LLP is a top law firm in Nairobi, Kenya. Our founding partners boast a combined 50+ years of experience as some of the best lawyers in Kenya. We are a top-notch litigation and commercial law firm serving local and international clients.

The mission of Bond Advocates LLP is to be the best law firm in Kenya by creating meaningful experiences for each client.

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Bond Advocates LLP has a trustworthy reputation for giving trusted solutions. Our founding partners have 50+ years of cumulative experience at the top of Kenya's legal circles. The award-winning team at Bond Advocates LLP is a trustworthy guide. Our lawyers are highly experienced in their areas of expertise and are ready to assist you.

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We understand the Kenyan legal system quite well. We also understand the value of knowing and the power of information. The Bond Advocates LLP client insights page is where we share this information with you.

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